SerTech Labs Stellar

The best combination of the finest sound and super-high efficiency make the STELLAR line unique and some of the most compelling speakers on the market today.   See the Testimonials.

Naturally we never state or imply that our speakers are the best in the world.  Even though the very idea of world's–best is subjective, there are others that actually make that claim and list some of their speakers for about $70,000 or more.  But at less than one-tenth the cost, nothing tops the STELLAR XII.   So far, we've tested hundreds of other speakers and our customers tell us the STELLAR XII devours them all.   We agree, and invite you to listen and decide for yourself.

Most (or all) of the speakers in the lofty $50k to $250k range have several things in common: The STELLAR XII are designed for great sound in a home setting and their super-high efficiency means you'll only need a few watts from your existing amplifier to drive them.   You'll never need to spend thousands more for any elaborate room treatments or any high-wattage, high energy-consuming amplifiers.