The finest sounding and most efficient speakers made today

    The SerTech Labs STELLAR XII is a three-way, front firing, high-efficiency speaker system that has proven incomparable, above all others!

    These speakers provide absolute superb frequency response. They provide full room volume with only 1 watt of power, and produce excellent fidelity with as little as 1/10th watt.

    Four high-output wide-range alnico magnet tweeters are used to provide a crystal clear, smooth response that is a pleasure to listen to for long periods of time. The mounting arrangement is a short line source vertical array of tweeters. This gives greater power handling, more output, and superior horizontal dispersion. It seamlessly integrates with the midrange driver much more effectively than a single tweeter system. A fourth ambiance tweeter is mounted in the rear.

    The midrange is a professional-grade titanium diaphragm driver with a 1.7" voice coil and a 23.5 oz magnet structure. A specially treated, non-metallic diffraction horn produces a smooth, clear midrange sound.

    The bass driver is a 12" fast acting woofer with a specially treated non-deteriorating fabric accordion surround edge. It uses a quick response flat progressive spider assembly, all mounted in a die-cast aluminum frame. The bass output of these woofers will easily out-perform 10", 12" and most 15" powered subwoofers with as little as 8 watts.

    The crossover is custom made and tuned to give the proper "SAR" to each driver. It uses only one pure copper inductor and one high quality capacitor for each driver. This method keeps efficiency high and phase shift distortion to a minimum. This system provides good amplifier matching without excessive capacitive or inductive loading. Both the tweeters and midrange have controls that are infinitely adjustable from 0 level to full output. These controls are part of the Smooth Adjustable Response crossover system.