SerTech Labs STELLAR Controls

The STELLARS have tweeter and midrange controls that are completely adjustable from 0 to full output. For ease of operation they are calibrated in dB, the center position being the most average setting for a standard room of 12x15 feet with rugs, drapes and some furniture. A combination of test equipment and listening tests were used to determine the best middle setting.

It is well known that any speaker that has been tested flat in a special anechoic chamber with a microphone will have frequency response variations as much as 10-20dB when placed in a room. Also a person's hearing is not flat. Each one of us hears sounds differently and in a logarithmic fashion, emphasizing some frequencies and attenuating others all at different volume levels. We do not listen to speakers in special chambers or with microphones. A microphone just cannot simulate what a person hears with two ears and a brain. Also musical and sonic tastes vary widely.

The STELLARS are designed to operate in this real word environment and so to compensate for some of these variations the "Smooth Adjustable Response" (SAR) controls were developed. Very few speakers, if any, have this range of adjustments.